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Saugatuck Studios is home of Power Plate Pilates.

Power Plate Acceleration technology a medical device plus Pilates Apparatus.  We merged these 2 modalities in 2006, and it is a combination that we at Saugatuck Studios stand behind and love.

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Pass along your passion to others! Saugatuck Studios is the proud home of the branch of Kane School Teacher Training – a comprehensive Pilates certification.  Next semester –  Semester 2016  

power plate pilates.

We offer a wide range of services and create truly unique fitness experiences, power plate with pilates, and power plate with yoga for a pioneering efficient and most effect workout.  Create a body the is truly balanced, strong, and mobile.


Kane School Pilates Teacher-Training

anatomy for pilates
This comprehensive course explores musculoskeletal anatomy and basic kinesiology principles-emphasizing how they relate to the teaching and practice of Pilates, yoga, and bodywork. It lays the foundation for further study as a movement professional and is a prerequisite for the Kane School certification program. This is a hands-on course and students learn how to practically apply information taught in the course to their movement professional career via analysis of Pilates exercises and an introduction to posture analysis. Students can test out of this course with a passing grade on the Kane School anatomy entrance exam.  Student comment, “I have taken many anatomy classes before, but NOW I really get it !”
pilates comprehensive mat
The Kane School Comprehensive Pilates Mat Training is a 65-hour advanced Pilates mat certification program that is singular in its attention to assessment, biomechanics and application of musculoskeletal anatomy to the human form. April 1-2, Apr 3-4.

pilates equipment certification – phase I & II
Kane School certifications teach the traditional basic, intermediate, and advanced exercise series on the Reformer, Cadillac, High Barrell and Wunda Chair, while integrating the Kane School Core Principles. Students learn the pioneering Kane touch instruction and exploration of manual perception skills through exercises and practical techniques, biomechanics, special populations, and advanced teaching techniques.
Apr 20-22
Apr 23-24
Apr 25-26
Jun 24-25
June 26-27
June 28-29
June 30
Phase I: Basic Choreography
Phase I: Intermediate Choreography
Phase I: Advanced Choreography
Phase II: Touch
Phase II: Biomechanics
Phase II: Special Populations
Phase II: Advanced Teaching Techniques

Anatomy:  Get to know the map of the body

New semester starting February 2016

Saugatuck Studios is the proud home of a branch of Kane School – a comprehensive Pilates certification well-known for its intensive study of anatomy, biomechanics, injuries and palpation skills.

You no longer have to travel to NYC to get access to this extraordinary Pilates education.

Already Pilates certified? We offer a comprehensive bridge program.

Click here to find out more about the Pilates Kane School Teacher Training and Kinected.












Pilates Elder, Mary Bowen workshop at Saugatuck Studios.  

What a great workshop we had with Pilates Elder, Mary Bowen who spoke about her 55 years of Pilates starting with Joe and Clara Pilates.

We spend time getting to know Mary and her getting to know our small group Pilates workshop.

Learn more about amazing Mary in the Pilates Style article here.  “As one of the 3 remaining Pilates teachers who studied with Joseph Pilates”,  Mary brings Pilates history alive (read more here).

Contact us at info@SaugatuckStudios.com for next workshop.