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the originator of Power Plate Pilates

about us

Saugatuck Studios is home of Power Plate Pilates.

We created Power Plate Pilates over the course of 8 years.  With 40 years of research on the Power Plate & >20 years of our own Pilates & fitness background, it is a combination that we at Saugatuck Studios stand behind and love.

teacher training

Pass along your passion to others! Saugatuck Studios is the proud home of the branch of Kane School Teacher Training – a comprehensive Pilates certification.  Spring 2014 semester starts April 12.

pilates. yoga. power plate.

We offer a wide range of services and create truly unique fitness experiences, power plate with pilates, and power plate with yoga for a pioneering efficient and most effect workout.  Create a body the is truly balanced, strong, and mobile.