Saugatuck Studios is proud to serve our Westport area community since 2011.  We offer a clinical approach to achieving your movement, fitness, or post-rehabilitation program, or increasing athletic performance.   We work individually to establish goals for you and build a plan efficiently and effectively. 

We are back open and have strict COVID-19 protocols to keep our students and staff safe.  All staff are double vaccinated.  To be conservative, we are limiting our studio to 1, 2, or 3 students per 55-minute session.  We look forward to seeing you soon.  Contact us here:

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Saugatuck Studios

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We are the proud home of the first branch of Kane School – a comprehensive Pilates certification well-known for its combining of the traditional Pilates repertory with an intensive study of anatomy, biomechanics, injuries and palpation skills.  Already Pilates certified?   We offer a comprehensive Bridge Program for those Pilates teachers already certified who want a deeper dive into anatomy and clinical perspective protocols.


Step 1:  ANATOMY (Core Muscle Anatomy)   
SEPT 26-30 M-F 

Step 2:  MAT (Comprehensive Mat)
OCT 3-7  M-F

OCT 31-NOV 11 M-F  

DEC 5-16 M-F

How it works:

Step 1:  ANATOMY
This comprehensive course explores musculoskeletal anatomy and basic kinesiology principles—emphasizing the trunk, hip, shoulder girdle, arm, and neck—as they relate to the teaching and practice of Pilates, yoga, and bodywork. It lays the foundation for further study as a movement professional and is a prerequisite for the Kane School certification program. This course is presented in lecture-style format with workbooks and powerpoint presentations. Throughout the course, students gain hands-on experience via regular palpation of muscles, bones, and ligaments. Students also learn how to practically apply information taught in the course to their movement professional career via analysis of Pilates exercises and an introduction to posture analysis. Additional topics such as core stability and the anatomical basis of common tension patterns & injuries are also addressed. Students wishing to move forward into Comprehensive Mat must obtain approval from the education manager. Students can test out of this course with a passing grade on the Kane School anatomy entrance exam.

Step 2:  MAT
Step 2 of the Kane School of Core Integration Teacher-Training Program In this mat certification program, students master classical Pilates repertory while studying the application of Kane School Core Principles to each exercise. In addition, students build practical application skills with the study of palpation techniques, exercise progressions and modifications, and programming strategies for private sessions and group class.

The first phase of the Kane School equipment training focuses on mastery of classic choreography on all apparatus: Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, High Barrel and Spine Corrector. Students begin with basic and progress to intermediate and advanced levels, observing and practicing each exercise. Throughout each choreography level, students cultivate broader skillsets by learning exercise modifications and progressions, palpation techniques, and the art of cueing clients.

Basic Training: Phase 2.  With choreography solidified in Phase I, the second phase of the Kane School equipment training delves deeper into programming for injuries and specific populations. Each module of this phase hones in on either a specific body region or a special population:
Module 1: Teaching & Touch Primer, The Healthy Client, Lumbopelvic Region
Module 2: Head, Neck & Ribs, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist & Hand
Module 3: Hip, Knee
Module 4: Ankle & Foot, Clients Over 60

Each module includes:
Anatomy review and biomechanics
Palpation techniques
Hands-on and equipment assessments of the client
Hands-on and equipment-based releases
Pathologies, treatment, and surgeries
Programming and contraindications

Throughout Phase 2, students hone their manual and visual perception skills, refining the ability to see the body with their hands and correct dysfunctional movement patterns.


We are offering safe-distancing in-studio privates, duets, or semi-privates.  We are able to open windows and are lucky enough to have our sink right in the studio.  Super safe means we are stringent with our protocols so we can get to work.  


We are offering private instruction via FaceTime or Zoom.  This option allows client who we know to come in and use the studio with us instructing you via zoom.


And we have live Pilates apparatus sessions and classes via Zoom.  Email for Zoom code.


We’ve always offered renting studio so the teacher can build his/her own Pilates business that is sustainable.  Currently offering for Private or duets.

We wish you and your family safety, health, and joy.  Any questions, contact us here: or call/text 203-856-8554