Owner of Saugatuck Studios.  Creator of Power Plate Pilates.  Fran Hoyte comes from a clinical research background and parallel background in Pilates. After studying chemistry and then becoming a chemist, she quickly learned she needed to be around people and she shifted her focus from being in the lonely lab to traveling around the planet conducting clinical research for the same global pharmaceutical company.  She loves clinical research and 25 years later, when asked the question, “when are you going to quit your day job?”, she replies, “Why? I love clinical research AND I love Pilates, why do I have to chose?”

Fran started teaching movement, back in the days of high impact aerobics, and received her AFAA certification in 1989 at the Vertical Club in NYC.  After college, she continued to teach fitness & movement “on the side”.   She continued to add modalities until she was exposed to Pilates after recovering from a spinal injury.  “Pilates saved my back, I loved it, and like many of us, I wanted to share it with everyone”.  Fran received her first Pilates certification from Power Pilates in NYC.

She continued her Pilates education and was lucky enough to be exposed to amazing teachers, including Juliet Harvey, Mary Bowen, Kathy Grant, Ron Fletcher, Jill Miller, Tom Meyers, and eventually found a perfect fit at the Kane School, a rigorous training program combining the classic principles of Pilates with a modern, clinical perspective on the human body.  She joined the faculty at Kane on 19th Street NYC, and continued to work in the Pilates department at Equinox in Darien, CT for 11 years.  After her supportive husband built her several home studios, Keven found, designed, and built a “real” Pilates studio right on the Saugatuck River in Westport, CT.  Fran now runs the first branch of the Kane School Teacher-Training/Kinected from this beautiful studio on the water.

Saugatuck Studios is also the home of Power Plate Pilates®, a program Fran developed over 7 years. “The synergistic benefits of acceleration training on Power Plate with Pilates apparatus work makes our work so much more efficient & effective.  After reviewing the clinical research and then developing the program for my clients, I knew we had something we needed to share”.  The folks at Power Plate took notice, and brought Fran to California to shoot a video of her Power Plate Pilates® Training Program for Teacher-Trainers.

When Fran is not conducting Pharmaceutical clinical research or doing Pilates, she & Keven can be found hanging with family and friends, cooking soup, sailing from A to B, or exploring the planet.