Our voice is the way we touch each other.

Voice at PMA 2017

Fran teaching Voice & Presentation Skills for Pilates Teachers  at PMA 2017


Touch and voice.  The further we get away from our students, the further away from touch, the more our students need and crave our voice for their learning.  In one-on-ones, we can provide touch to give information to our students, to take information from our students.  With duets, semi-privates, mat classes, the time we spend on touch becomes less. Online platforms, and physical touch is removed completely, and we now have only the screen image and our voice.  The podcast, audio classes, pictures are removed, all the student at the end of the earphone has to learn is your voice.


We talk for our jobs – sometimes all day long.  We warm up our bodies, and the bodies of our clients, but do we warm up our voices for a full athletic day of vocal demands?


We rarely use our voices for ourselves.  We use it as a gift to give others.  As all teachers are givers, we know all about giving.


When we spend time finding our own voices, we gain freedom and focus.

Workshop & Retreat Options:

Fran teaches:

  • 3-day Pilates & Voice Retreat
  • 1-day Voice for Movement teachers
  • 2-hour hands-on Voice for Movement Teachers workshops.
  • 2-hour hands-on Voice & Presentation Skills for Pharmaceutical Corporations

These courses are are hands-on, no fluff, skills-learning workshop we’ll explore together:

–       Embodied anatomy of our own voices

–       Practicing the distinction between breathing for exercise vs. breathing for speaking.  Yes, there is a difference.

–       Practicing releasing habitual tension habits

–       increase articulation real estate so we have more choices with our speaking

–       strength training for our resonators

–       How to use melody, pace, pitch, volume to lead your students, clients, patients

–       Daily warm up to use today and for life


One of our most defining parts of ourselves is our voice.  Like a fingerprint, yours is yours alone.  Get to know yours.  It’s easy.  It’s fun.  And it could just be life-changing.